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Guillaume Lebrun takes us to Istanbul, on the other side of the current European border. With this new encounter, this impetuous and concerned native of Istanbul perpetuates the photographer's initiatory wanderings. At a time when Europe and Turkey are wondering about their community, he offers us a particularly sensitive research on these identities always in movement. 

East and West, first of all. Or the long-term adventure beyond borders, between past and present, between memory and future. Each of these images, by the depth of the glances it imposes on us or the quasi-organic presence of the materials it grasps, transcends the passage of time and sends us back to the force and role of our transitory existences. Her gaze, her determination to live each place in depth, leads our passage from one bank to the other. 

Reverie and encounter, then. Guillaume Lebrun pursues his own quest for identity. To do so, he practices unbridled photography, where the poetic triggers of a still life, a landscape, and faces meet, capturing these intense human encounters along the way. 

Black and white, at last. Guillaume Lebrun's photography comes from the depths of a lived experience. His images breathe, literally, through the role that the photographer gives to light, black and white... By choosing this two-colour process, by closely accompanying the making of his prints, he touches the matter of light and acts on the materialisation of the image. In his photographs, lyricism is evident and the sea never flows in his veins very far. Guillaume Lebrun's photography has known how to exist over time, to find the form of his discourse and his identity, while inviting us to perceive as watermarks in a few images the presence of those he considers to be the masters of an instinctive photography with which his writing has become imbued... 

Guillaume Lebrun is resolutely one of those absolute authors who confuse, at close range, photography and personal quest. Behind each image there is a man in search of his own life, both determined and fragile, in the image of everyone fully accepting his human condition. 


Vincent Marcilhacy.